Modifying monofilament bins: it’s for the birds.

31 05 2012

Our friends at Menunkatuck Audubon down in Connecticut have come up with an ingenious way to retrofit their fishing line receptacles to prevent small birds from flying in and becoming trapped. I posted earlier about the issue of open pipes and tubes as a hazard to avian life, and Terry Shaw sent me step by step instructions on the solution they’ve devised. A classy and effective method, I think! If you want more details, drop me a line and I can get them to you.

I also have the pleasure of announcing that I will be headed down to Branford, CT to speak to the Menunkatuck Auduboners in September. I can’t wait; they’re a great group in a beautiful spot!

The retrofit: a simple hinged plywood cap.

Terry’s instructions in brief (for details, send me an email or post a comment):
I used 3/4″ plywood but any thickness or type of wood should work. If you have 1/2″ starboard that would be good. Make the circle about 1/2″ smaller than the opening somewhere near 6″ maybe 6 1/4″  then cut about 1/3—2/3 pieces.

I used paint i had left over it was marine interior cabin paint,  I think any white house exterior paint should work.
Add a zinc hinge from a hardware store.   I used a sheet metal screw for the handle, the same size can be used to mount into the plastic

Drill a hole in the plastic pipe big enough for the screw to slide through.

The finished product.