Beached Bird Guides

Sample page from the Beached Bird Guide

Sample page from the Beached Bird Guide

Our glossy and compelling guides are a must-have for any self-respecting student of seabird carcasses. They are available for $31.50 plus $4.50 for shipping and handling.
The guides are designed to help you identify the seabird carcasses commonly found along the eastern seaboard. Numerous features of the guide make this a simple and streamlined process. Photos of the birds with salient, identifying features are included for each species, along with descriptions of similar birds and which characteristics differ between them. Plumage differences between sexes and between age classes are  also included.

The entire guide is printed on waterproof paper (which also resists blood, goo and other unidentified liquids). Each page is printed with a size reference that can serve as a ruler for photographs. Another very cool feature of the books is the world famous “foot key” that can aid you in your attempts to identify even the most disheveled partial carcasses (provided a foot is present.)

A particularly useful and tragically underutilized feature is found at the lower right corner of the second page for each species profile. This feature is a life size outline of the bill and head of each species. Using this, you can align the head of the specimen in question against the outline in the book and see if you are in the ballpark in terms of head size and bill shape. And, of course, you can readily wipe any residues from the waterproof pages!

More fabulous content!

More fabulous content!

Information on prevalence of each species throughout the year is provided, as are size ranges for culmen, wing chord, and tarsus. This is truly the one stop shop for all things beached bird.

If you are interested in ordering a Beached Bird Guide, just email Makes a delightful conversation piece when placed on your coffee table!


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13 07 2016
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