Found a tagged bird?

The mark of the Seanetter: bright orange cable ties generally mean it’s one of ours.

Even if you aren’t a Seanetter, we want your information should you come across a SEANET tagged bird! Our volunteers place orange cable ties on the wings, legs and beaks of the birds they find. Many of our volunteers also affix individually numbered aluminum tags. If you find a bird that you suspect was tagged as part of our project, please don’t disturb, move or throw it away! We collect data on how long dead birds stay on the beach, and whether they move up and down the coast with the tides. If you find a SEANET bird, please leave it where it is, snap a photo if you can, note the tag number (if present) and send the info along to me via email (sarah.courchesne”at” or post a comment here on the blog. We love to hear where our birds are spotted and by whom!

23 responses

2 02 2013
jim mc eneaney

saw #920 gull on 1/26/13 at namco parking lot in warwick,r.i.

4 02 2013
Dana-Zoe Gest

two gulls, numbers #933 and #935 were spotted and photographed and being fed crackers and corn at the Chelsea Creek Wildlife and Coastal Habitat in Chelsea, Massachusetts at the Cronin Ice Skating Rink where Broadway crosses the Creek between Chelsea and Revere -addy is 850 Revere Beach Parkway, Revere, Massachusetts. i will also include these two gulls on my count for the day (there were about twenty other gulls, another dozen or so ducks, and a Mute Swan) during High Tide @ 3pm) and will submit the count with
it was great to see them – they are in good health and with lots of other gulls. Chelsea Creek is an estuary so it has brackish water, but also plenty of food, and people that also leave out tidbits for the birds. i will return to the site in two weeks and see if i can spot them again.
glad to be a part of your research however i can! i will most likely show them in a video on YT – just look up Chelsea Creek, Massachusetts, and you will find it – probably in the next two weeks, i will be sure to title it with tagged gulls in the name.

1 04 2013

My parents found several tagged birds along the Brewster beaches this weekend, as well as a couple untagged birds. My mom SWORE one of them looked like a penguin. Intrigued by their story, I googled around and found SEANET. My parents are only on the Cape on weekends, but they’ll definitely be bringing a camera and snapping shots from here on out that I’ll forward to SEANET. I wonder if there’s something like this in CA? I found several dead birds on a beach in Torrance, CA last weekend. Very interesting work!

21 06 2013
Joe Musante

Herring? Gull, adult, with orange wing tag and leg band: A 705. Seen in Princeton, Maine at the boat launch at 1:30pm June 21st, 2013.

30 07 2013

Saw 1057 at Revere beach on 7/30 at 4:46pm

3 08 2013
Ellie Hutchinson

Live foraging Herring Gull Pink Tag 991 located on shore of Richibucto River at Bass River Point NB Canada.1900hrs Aug.03,2013

19 09 2013
Dottie Vachon

Today at 1:30 pm in parking lot of Ellsworth Maine Walmart, gull with orange wing tags with number 606 I believe…could also have been 660….wish I had written it down!

31 12 2013
Robin Ireland

12/31/13 around 3:00pm in the parking lot adjacent to Hardees at Military Circle Mall Norfolk Va., saw a beautiful sea gull with orange tag # 1091. He/she looked well nourished & uninjuried. H/She was part of a gull group seeking fast food hand outs. H/She was holding her own against approx. 10 other non-tagged gulls. Would be interested to hear H/She’s story.

3 02 2014

#920 seen in Fall River MA 2/2/2014

21 03 2014
Dana G.

I saw bird tagged 918 doing well, in a parking lot with a flock of 20-30 others hanging out by the local fast food fish place in Midlothian, Virginia. I went out to feed them as it had recently snowed and noticed the the tag. He seemed to be hobbling a little but seemed fine otherwise. 3-21-2014

8 04 2014

herring gull on an orange tag on left leg RR8T. In my garden in Margate Kent England ct95rg 8.4.2014

9 04 2014

Hmmm…I’m not sure whose project that might have been from! We know the players on this side of the ocean, but not that one!

9 06 2015

Hi I have a tagged seagull KM9T in my garden with 2 chicks that have fallen from nest but alive,they have been outside the back door attacking anyone who dares to go out that way, my 2 young children have both been dived at!Who do I contact to remove them as they are becoming more menacing!

9 06 2015

Hi Gail! Can you tell me a bit more? Where are you located? Gulls nest on the ground, so I am trying to understand where they might have fallen from? You can’t touch them or harm them–federal law prohibits it, though I definitely understand the stresses involved in getting dive-bombed by a gull parent!

27 06 2015
Carl Lundrigan

saw a gull in Bay Robert’s, Newfoundland & Labrador with a small metal band on the right leg and a larger blue band on the left with #89A, no wing tag. 26/06/15. At the coffee shop.

6 07 2015

Saw # 120 seagull in Grand Falls Newfoundland in Burger King Parking Lot.

18 08 2015
Sue Lessard

Spotted #195 on a cliff on Monhegan Island, ME. August 1, 2015
Large, green, two-sided marker on right wing.

10 11 2015
R spink

found on dead seagull on Canvey Island Large Orange tag on right leg L3J1 hope this helps any program re seagulls

22 11 2015
Trisha Renee

Found a seabird tagged with zip ties like the page above in between first and second inlet at North Topsail Beach, NC

23 11 2015

Thanks Trisha! That’s one of ours–perhaps it will still be there when our beach walker on that stretch goes out next time!

7 02 2016
Anne Wallace

Just curious but I have two herring gulls that are always in my garden. One has orange tag on one leg and small metal on other leg. The number is VU9T. Would love to know where this was done. It was only done a few months ago as it disappeared for a few days and came back tagged. Often wonder if it’s male or female it’s obviously adult. The other one is younger as it has just lost the last of its grey feathers on its head. Im in Cliftonville Margate. Thankyou

8 02 2016

Hi Anne!
Alas, we only have contact info for North American banders. I did ask a few colleagues, but they are not sure who is banding gulls in the UK/Europe. I help you manage to track them down; I know they will want your sighting!

7 09 2016

spotted a sea gull revere beach monday 9/5/16 teal blue I think the # was 62, unable to get close enough to read.

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