SEANET on Anecdata soars to 7,551 observations!

16 07 2019

SEANET went live on Anecdata in February 2019.  This is a new, online data entry and management portal for Seanetters to upload their beach walk survey data provided by  The SEANET portal can be reached at-


This is the actual image of the SEANET Project Page on Anecdata.

Thanks to the DEDICATION of Seanetters over the years, over 7,000+ observations were uploaded to the SEANET site on Anecdata. These observations include all the data from beach walks that recorded 1 or more beached birds from 2002 to present!!!  Visit the SEANET Project on Anecdata and explore these observations for yourself.   Thanks again to all the Seanetters out there – you are the lifeblood of SEANET!







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