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26 07 2017

Dedicated SEANET volunteers have always been the “life-blood” of SEANET! Over the past several months, I have received many emails inquiring about the Data Entry portal for SEANET. Since the Data Entry portal was taken off line SIX MONTHS ago, I have been searching for a replacement site to host the Data Entry portal to store SEANET survey data. Long story short, I have followed several leads, but none have emerged as a solution. However, within the last few weeks, I am glad to report that I discovered a free online database site that may be the answer to the SEANET Data Entry portal needs!  I will send updates out via this Blog and the SEANET Facebook page on the progress to create a new Data Entry portal via this free online database.


For all those dedicated Seanetters out there, THANK YOU for hanging in there and continuing to conduct your beach walks (SEANET surveys).  Please feel free to send me your completed survey data sheets to if you would like me to enter your data once the new Data Entry portal is created.  Or, keep your completed survey data forms in a safe place so that you can entered them into the NEW Data Entry portal in the near future!

Seanetters are a dedicated bunch and will prove once again they are truly the “life-blood” of SEANET!  Thanks!


John Stanton, Interim SEANET Coordinator




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27 07 2017

John Stanton, you are the BEST!!!

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