Giving Thanks to SEANET Volunteers

23 11 2016


The effort put forth by SEANET volunteers is tremendous!  In this piece, I wanted to take a few moments to illustrate just what I mean when I say “SEANET volunteers are tremendous!”  The network of SEANET volunteers spread along the entire eastern seaboard are a group of dedicated volunteers that have amassed an incredible source of data on beached birds.  The following statistics are a testimony to my claim that SEANET volunteers are tremendous:


The top six volunteers for the number of beach walks completed combined is over  1,800+ beach walks.



The total number of beached birds found by the top six volunteers totals over 1,500+ beached birds.


The most common beached bird encountered by SEANET volunteers is the Common Eider largely because of a disease (aka Wellfleet Disease) that has been reported from the Northeast.

These graphics tell the story of SEANET volunteers’ contributions to furthering our knowledge of birds in the marine environment. I for one am thankful for SEANET volunteers’ contributions individually and collectively. They are truly TREMENDOUS!