The SEANET Blog lives on!

10 02 2016

Hello my name is John Stanton. I am a migratory bird biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and a longtime supporter and contributor to SEANET!

I have decided to take over the SEANET Blog to continue to communicate the good work of Seanetters; to continue the Dead Bird Quizzes that have developed a strong following, and to promote SEANET. ┬áSarah Courchesne, SEANET’s original SEANET Blogger has set the bar high, but I will strive to rise to the challenge!john

Feel free to contact me at and together we will make the SEANET Blog the best it can be!




7 responses

10 02 2016
Pat L

Welcome.,,, glad to see you will be continuing. I live on Lake Ontario and am not a contributor but I do enjoy reading about the ‘finds’. Keep up the good work

10 02 2016

Welcome John!
I was just recovering from the loss of the dead bird quiz. Good to hear that Sarah’s work will be continued. Good luck!
Haven’t said that yet: Sarah, thanks for your blogs and quizzes!

11 02 2016

Thank you! I was so excited when John said he’d take it over! I look forward to joining the ranks of the blog readers now!

11 02 2016
Marcia Lyons

Great John!!

11 02 2016

Welcome John

22 02 2016
Dennis Minsky

Welcome aboard John. Here is a comment for you. I found a carcass today that was obviously a white wing scoter but the orange feet with black bands and webs is described as a surf scoter’s in the guide: do in fact WWSC and SUSC have identical feet?

22 02 2016

Hi Dennis,
Duck feet can be tricky. Their color fates quickly after death and the longer they stay outdoors the more they seem to fade. Surf and White winged scoter feet are easily confused. I tend to favor these two descriptions: For Surf Scoter: brownish-yellow/orange legs and feet and for the White-winged Scoter: reddish-orange legs and feet.

Take care

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