Scrounging for cash

22 01 2016

For an impoverished outfit, we don’t go begging for funds nearly as often as we ought, here at SEANET. I mean to rectify this, in part, today, with a specific plea.

Regular readers of the blog will know that I help out every summer banding gulls on Appledore Island in Maine. Each year, we are fortunate to have generous private donors who fund students to come out and assist us. This year, we are trying something new, and much more ambitious. Of the students who came out to the island for banding last week, we selected two extremely talented young women to spend an entire summer on the island not just banding gulls, but studying their diet, reproductive success, and a host of other ecological parameters. It’s something we’ve long talked about, and this is our pilot year.

Again, we have benefited from the incredible generosity of private donors in paying the steep fees to keep a person on the island for 10 weeks, but that brings me to why I’m here scrounging for cash.


Mary (right) and Taylor on island–these two are our chosen interns for 2016!

The internship funds we currently have cover room and board, transportation, and a very small stipend. We want our internship to be open to students of any means, and one of the students we selected (full disclosure of nepotism here) is my sister, Mary Everett. Mary is a full time student and she and her husband also have to work a substantial number of hours to keep the rent paid, groceries bought and all that. If Mary is to take 10 weeks of her summer off work to do this internship, she has to raise substantial funds to do so. Not only will she continue to have bills come due, but she is giving up the prime earning time of summer when she could normally make some extra money to get them through the school year.

If you can help out in any way, even a few bucks, we’ve set up an easy and secure site for you to do so. It’s the only time I’ll be on here asking, and every little bit counts. Please, help me ship my sister off to an island for a couple months!



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22 01 2016

I know one of the folks who was banding out there for a while or still does.

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