Dead Bird Quiz: got the blues edition

8 01 2016

It’s a monochrome world outside here in the north, and, though I am secretly wishing for snow so I can get some cross country skiing in, I do appreciate a spot of vibrant color. Thus, I have made these selections for the DBQ. Though they are not the most challenging ever, this will give me a window to talk about pigment in feathers when the answers are revealed, so look for that next week.

Here are our candidates (a phrase I hear a bit too often for my liking here in New Hampshire these days; I can’t travel 5 miles without tripping over a would-be President).

Bird A: found by Dan Tracey in Massachusetts in May.


Bird B: found by Ray Bosse, also in Massachusetts, also in May.


Bird C: guest Seanetter Drew Lanham, professor at Clemson, photographed this bird on New Year’s Day on Seabrook Island, SC.





4 responses

8 01 2016

A; Mallard
B. Am. Black Duck
C. Blue-winged Teal

8 01 2016

A:mallard x black duck hybrid
B: black duck
C: northern shoveler

8 01 2016
Wouter van Gestel

I agree with Edward, although bird B could also be a mallard-black duck hybrid, as it shows a tiny bit white.


8 01 2016

A= Mallard, B=American Black Duck, C=Blue-winged Teal.

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