Dead Bird Quiz, late for Halloween

2 11 2015

Ghosts and goblins and zombies have nothing on actual dead things, of course, so Halloween is naturally the holiday for SEANET. Perhaps that’s why I was too busy last week to post to the blog at all. Out celebrating.

In any case, you all deserve a DBQ. Here’s a three-fer!

Bird A, found in Maine, and submitted by Barbara and Charlie Grunden:

Dorsal surface.

Dorsal surface.


Ventral surface. Or, it was at one time.

Bird B, found by Dennis Minsky on Cape Cod early in October:

Bird C, found by Warren Mumford, also on Cape cod:




5 responses

2 11 2015

Bird A=Black Scoter or Sorf Scoter, Bird B looks like Common Eider, Bird C =?

2 11 2015
John Stanton

Bird A; Black Scoter
Bird B: Common Eider skull
Bird C: Wild guess is Bufflehead

2 11 2015
Mark Bennett

Bird A : Black Scoter
Bird B : Cackling Goose or Barnacle Goose
Bird C : ?

2 11 2015
Wouter van Gestel

How nice, I was just thinking earlier today about this blog. Let’s try:

Bird A: Black Scoter (uniform dark plumage, greenish duck feet)
Bird B: Canada Goose (bill shape fits goose, white and black feathers on the face)
Bird C: defenitely a duck because of the sternum shape, but I really can’t say which species


3 11 2015
Edward Soldaat

Bird A: Black Scoter
Bird B: Canada Goose
Bird C: American Black Duck (a guess). It may show a tiny piece of a bluish speculum.

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