Dead Bird Quiz: back to school edition

30 09 2015

Hi Seanetters! I am back in the throes of teaching now, so much of my days are consumed by teaching, grading, listening to people whine, and all the usual teaching related stuff. Please forgive me, therefore, if I only manage one post a week for the next couple months. One thing is certain though: it is high time for a DBQ. Here it is.

Bird A, found by Lynda Zegers on her South Carolina beach in August.

Bird A's underside

Bird A’s underside

Upper surface of Bird A.

Upper surface of Bird A.

Bird B, found by Gil Grant on his North Carolina beach, also in August.



2 responses

30 09 2015
John Stanton

Bird A: Laughing gull
Bird B: Black skimmer

30 09 2015
Mark Bennett

Bird A..Laughing gull. The red down curved beak is the give away!

Bird B.. ?

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