Dead Bird Quiz!

22 07 2015

Here are some unusual bits for you, dear Seanetters. The first came to me from my friend and colleague Emily Christiansen. It is a bone found on Pea Island in North Carolina. I wonder what you all think it might be?

Bird A: Found in North Carolina.

Bird A: Found in North Carolina.

Bird B was found back in December 2014 (which shows you how far behind I’d gotten on data verification–that situation is now happily rectified) and presents us with an interesting challenge. Marcia Lyons found this bird, and actually had a pretty good handle on what it was. I have redacted her i.d. from the photos so all you kids will get a chance at the fun too. Here are the shots:


Bird B, ventral surface. (Photo: M. Lyons)


Dorsal surface (Photo: M. Lyons)


Upper surface of wing (Photo: M. Lyons)



3 responses

22 07 2015
Mark Bennett

Looks very duck like to me ? but after seeing the legs it could be a gull…Heermaan’s gull maybe?

22 07 2015

It looks to me like a Sooty Shearwater. Long wings

24 07 2015
Mary Wright

Haven’t a clue about Bird A.
I’m gonna guess Bird B is a Parasitic Jaeger. The shape of the projecting central rectrices, the wing shape and pattern, and the dark legs and feet are right for Parasitic. Pomarine Jaeger has a double flash of white in the wings and (in non-breeding plumage) blunter central rectrices. Long-tailed Jaeger has only two or three white shafts in the primaries. Long-tailed and Parasitic jaegers in non-breeding plumage could have similar central rectrices.

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