Back home, post-gulling

5 06 2015

On one of our last banding days, a group of birders showed up on the island. We gave them the whole gull banding dog and pony show, and it turned out that one member of the group was a reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio. Though his story focused mainly on the songbirds migrating through, he did include a clip of me describing gull-inflicted injuries. While this is not positive for those hoping to raise public opinion of gulls, I still think the story is worth sharing.

I also wanted to share some photos of our gull banding team–Bill Clark, longtime gull banding volunteer, took some really great photos of our group and the work. Take a look at his collection on Flickr, and please indulge me while I share two pictures that I find very funny.

A gull regards Bill’s camera head on. This is always funny.


Julie sets a trap while Peggy Friar staves off attack.

I am set up at my dining room table right now, where I am working on SEANET encounter rate data from 2010-2014. I am swearing never to permit such a backlog again. It’s going faster than I had expected, though it remains tedious work. Soon, I will have numbers for Cape Cod Bay at least, and you can be sure, you will be the first to know.




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