Short one today

9 02 2015

Seanetter Jerry Golub sent a picture of *gasp* a LIVE bird for us to consider. What do you think of this one?IMG_0165
Apologies for the brevity; it’s another snow day here in New Hampshire and my kids are going stir crazy. Time for some sledding.



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9 02 2015

I would say Glaucous Gull or maybe Iceland Guill. It is hard to estimate size, but the pink basal part of the bill with the clear cut all black tip points towards an immature bird of this species. We cannot see the sloping of the forehead very well because the head is turned a bit towards the photographer. Iceland gull is also a possibilty but normally these have more black on the bill. There is no reference in the surrounding area to estimate the size and the lighting is very strong. So, one of the two.

12 02 2015
Diana Gaumond

Thank you for a picture that includes a live bird and sand – it’s been so long since I’ve seen either on the beach! Maybe there’s hope. Anyway, is this an immature glacous gull?

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