Dead Bird Quiz plus live bird bonus!

8 01 2015

One dead bird for you today: a wing and sternum combo out of South Carolina courtesy of Doug and Gina McQuilken from just about this time last year. It’s in pretty rough shape, but I can make out a few features that could help us make this i.d. Tell me what you think.

DGMCQUILKEN6329-11067-1Upper surface (partly anyway. it’s rather twisted up.) DGMCQUILKEN6328-11067Underside of wings.

And now, for a decidedly livelier bird. This one was spotted by Tom McFeely of Beaufort, SC. He spotted this bird in Port Royal, South Carolina. I found this photo so striking, I thought I’d share it with you all.

We passed along this sighting to Dan Clark here in Massachusetts, who runs the tagging study on these Ring-billed Gulls, and he told us the history on this bird. Evidently, it is a male, initially captured 3/28/2013 at Webster Lake in Massachusetts using a net launcher baited with bread, crackers, and French fries (the classic gull trifecta). Since then, the bird seems to spend summers in Quebec and winters in South Carolina, passing through New England during the trips in between.




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