Dead Bird Quiz: Mainers only edition

25 11 2014

In advance of the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought you would all probably be longing for a DBQ. So here are two birds found by Mainers in October:

Bird A:

Bird A (photo: B&C Grunden)

Bird A (photo: B&C Grunden)

Bird B:

Bird B (Photo: S & R Brezinski)

Bird B (Photo: S & R Brezinski)

Neither of them are turkeys, by way of a hint.



5 responses

25 11 2014

Bird A =Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Bird B=Great Cormorant, you can see the feet on it.

25 11 2014

#1 Yellow-billed Cuckoo
#2 Double-crested Cormorant: yellowish lower mandible is distinguishing feature in comparison with Great C.

27 11 2014
Mary Wright

Bird A: Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Bird B: Great Cormorant

28 11 2014
Maureen D

Bird A) yellow billed cuckoo
Bird B) magnificent frigate bird
Although the legs are a giveaway to the cormorant family, it looks to me like there is too much white on the head for it to be a great or DC cormorant. Unfortunately, the tail is not in the photo. In addition, a tiny bit of red is visable on the breast. The magnificent frigate bird would surely be an uncommon visitor but not impossible.

2 12 2014

The white patches on the head is just bare skin where the feathering has gone lost in this already decomposing carcass. Frigatebird has a much different and much longer bill and the legs would have been much smaller. It is definitely a cormorant. I still think it is DC.

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