Dead Bird Quiz: Sarah Porter edition

24 10 2014

First off, the SEANET data entry site is back online! Huzzah! Thank you all for your patience; you should be all set now to enter surveys again. Let’s celebrate with a Dead Bird Quiz.


Both these birds were found by volunteer Sarah Porter in April in Massachusetts. What do you think everyone?

Bird A:
Bird B:
SPorter6548-12178 SPorter6549-12178



3 responses

24 10 2014

Bird A: Northern Fulmar, Fulmarus glacialis, unmistakable, bulky tubenosed bill, typical for this species. Aparently a bird older than one year, moults wing coverts, feathers of different ages.
Bird B: Mute Swan, Cygnus olor. Adult. The skull shows the bulbous frontal bone typical for this species

24 10 2014

Bird A= Northern Fulmar, notice the tublar Nostril. Bird B= Mute Swan

25 10 2014
Wouter van Gestel

I agree with the first two respondents, fulmar and mute swan.


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