Rainbound on Appledore Island, among the gulls

28 05 2014

This week, your blogger is off on Appledore Island in very southern Maine helping out with our own Dr. Julie Ellis’ gull banding study.

First of all, I think you should all know that our own Dr. Julie Ellis had a baby girl this weekend–the brand new Ruby Ellis Hoffman is well and home with her proud parents and big sister!

Because of this happy event, Julie cannot, rather obviously, be out on the island herself, but we are striving to do her proud. So far, the weather has been somewhat unfavorable. Yesterday, we caught a brief window of dry, though cool, weather, and managed to band and draw blood from a scant three adult Herring Gulls. Alas, at that point, the wind picked up, and later in the day we started to get some rain as well. We devoted a few hours to scouring the island for any banded gulls and appear to have picked up a few subadults who may be back for the first time since being banded as chicks. After lunch though, the weather drove us inside and we’ve been pinned down since. Now, we’re hunkered down, sheltering from a steady rain.

Sarah Chieng and Sean Jeffery scan for banded birds, while a gull scans them in turn.

Sarah Chieng and Sean Jeffery scan for banded birds, while a gull scans them in turn.

For now, I introduce our May gull team: the intrepid Bill Clark, gull guru, is here of course, and your guest blogger (Sarah Courchesne still) and our student recruits: Carly Emes of SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry is back for another round; Sean Jeffery, who just graduated from North Shore Community College; and Sarah Chieng, who also just finished up at North Shore with a veterinary technician’s degree. We are looking forward to clearing skies and warmer temperatures in the coming days so we can go on a banding spree and search for ever more banded birds as well.




2 responses

28 05 2014

Are you seeing anything interesting as far as neotropical migrants etc?

29 05 2014

It’s been fairly slow down at the banding station the past few days–they think the winds may shift and bring in some cool stuff tomorrow though!

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