Just the usual things in New Jersey

20 05 2014

One of our longest suffering of our long suffering Seanetters, Jerry Golub, has sent along a few pics from his New Jersey beach. Though not at all restricted to dead birds, and including not any dead seabirds at all, I found all his photos so fascinating I wanted to share them as a view of his beach. I particularly like his note about the mysterious paw, poking daintily out of the sand as if inviting a manicure; Jerry wrote, “The strangest thing on my beach was a mammal paw I was afraid to excavate. Any ideas?” How about you, Seanetters? Any ideas on that one?


Snappy dressers! They’re not dead, and they’re terns, so I am outside my area of expertise on two counts. But still, Least Terns is what they look like to me.


Know who this character is?


Oh, I think a nice bubble gum pink shade would do nicely.


Simply stunning. And lucky for me, no mistaking an oystercatcher, even if they are alive.




4 responses

20 05 2014
Wouter van Gestel

The mammal may be a marten or a raccoon, and the bird looks like a female Hen Harrier (Circus cyanus) to me.


20 05 2014
mary myers

My guess is that the paw belongs to an opossum…

21 05 2014
Mary Wright

The hawk looks like an accipiter, probably Cooper’s Hawk based on the thickness of the leg. I think that paw Is the front foot of a mink.

21 05 2014
Mary Wright

Nope, I’m gonna change my bird guess to Sharp-shinned Hawk. A closer look shows the leg is skinnier than I thought.

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