On the lookout for Razorbills

26 12 2013

Bad as this tired old seabird joke may be, it is timely. Christmas-time coincides with the presence of large numbers of alcids off the shores of the east coast, and this year is no exception. Doug McNair counted 4-5,000 Razorbills off Cape Cod on December 20th, and Tony Diamond, seabird scientist at the Atlantic Laboratory for Avian Research at the University of New Brunswick tells us that a Razorbill was found beached in Florida as well. Normally, Florida would be fairly far afield for these northern birds, but after last year’s unprecedented southern irruption, nothing would surprise us.

Razorbills and guillemots on the water. (photo geograph.org)

Razorbills and guillemots on the water. (photo geograph.org)

So we’re putting out a plea to Seanetters and non-Seanetters alike: keep your eyes peeled, go birding on the beach, and report what you see. If you SEANET, great! If not, and you only want to report live birds, please sign up for an ebird account and start reporting! And if you’re not a Seanetter and you find a sick or dead bird, report it to the Wildlife Health Event Reporter. We’re eager to see how this winter compares with last, and we’re counting on you all to help. Let us know what you spot!




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3 01 2014
Bethany Rottner

No RAZOs yet, but a storm moving in today brought us our first rehab dovekie of the winter on Long Island. We were enjoying a nearly year long alcid absence. Hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come!

7 01 2014

We are following with interest!

16 01 2014
Dennis Minsky

first razorbill carcass of the season found today near Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown, MA.
Dennis Minsky

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