Dead Bird Quiz: aw, c’mon!!!

13 09 2013

What’s everybody, all wrapped up in back to school? No time to take a Dead Bird Quiz? No time to help a Seanetter out?

Well, I’m giving you another chance. I’ll wait to post answers until next week. And since Bird B was nothing but a wing, I think this is a good time to unveil a work in progress. I have been laboring over the Field Guide to Beached Birds of the Southeastern U.S. for more than a year now. One of the features of the book will be a Wing Key–a step by step guide to identifying dead seabirds based only on a wing.

Slide02Right now, it’s more than half finished, and I want you to be able to access it, and especially try it out. To get to the key, follow this link. I know it’s not the prettiest or slickest thing around right now, but I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, edits, corrections, and so on. As I get it closer to finished, I would love it if some of you would test it out by running through it with a wing you’ve found or a picture of a wing. I know there must be mistakes, but I need help to find them!

Thanks to all of you for reading, and for taking a peek at my bizarre labor of love.





2 responses

15 09 2013
Wouter van Gestel

Congratulations, your dead bird guide looks great! I’ve downloaded it and I’ll have a closer look later this week when I have more time.


16 09 2013

Thank you! I hope to have it drafted completely in the next week or so. I will welcome all your thoughts Wouter!

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