SEANET blog hits 500 posts!

7 08 2013

Today’s the day, Seanetters! It only took me four and a half years, but this post is the 500th to be cast out into the ether, for better or for worse, via this platform. It’s difficult to know what to do or say on such a momentous occasion, so I thought I would ask someone else to take over for me.
My two sons, Malcolm and Simon, generally come along with me on my SEANET walks, and they are always around while I am working from home,  emailing you all, or posting here, or verifying walks. They also have to put up with my not infrequent absences for SEANET trainings all over the east coast. As such, they are fairly well versed in the nature of SEANET and well suited to interview on a day like this.

By way of explanation of the more ludicrous things my younger son Simon says here, I did, in fact, get “stabbed” on our last SEANET walk, though it was by a stick I tripped on and drove into my shin. There was profuse bleeding which clearly left an impression. He also mentions Butler’s Toothpick, which is a large wooden pyramid built for navigation purposes back in the days before GPS. It marks the western terminus of our SEANET route.

Watch the video.

Malcolm and Simon show off the trash they cleaned up on our last SEANET walk.

Malcolm and Simon show off the trash they cleaned up on our last SEANET walk.




One response

12 08 2013
Wouter van Gestel

Congratulations, and keep up the good work! Your kids are great, I hope my two little girls will appreciate daddies dead stuff as much as your kids do.


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