Plodding progress on Field Guide to SE Beached Birds

3 06 2013

I’m certain you’ve all been desperate for an update on the Field Guide to Beached Birds of the Southeastern United States. I, for one, have had the southeast on my mind more than usual, between working on the guide and preparing for a training session in South Carolina later this month. Since you are all undoubtedly eager to see how the book is coming along, I thought I would share a glimpse of what I’m working on right now. Most of the individual species pages are ready to go, so I have been drawing up the Group introduction pages, giving an overview of each species group. Here’s the mockup (not yet polished by Beth Mellor, our design and layout pro):


I’m really excited to be entering the final stretches of the long process of writing this book. As with childbirth and running marathons, I suspect I will need a long period of forgetting before I take on a project of such magnitude again. My continued thanks to John Stanton for being my stalwart cheerleader in this venture.



2 responses

4 06 2013
Luanne Johnson

This must feel like a monumental effort, but I am excited to know you will be completing it soon! It will help so many people in the field. Way to go 🙂

5 06 2013

Thank you! It does feel monumental, but the encouragement really helps!

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