Request for video clips of Seanetters in action!

24 05 2013
Even the most squeamish among the students sidled up eventually.

The world from a Seanetter’s perspective. Show us how you do it, folks!

My dear Seanetters, we have been invited to run a crowdfunding campaign through the science funding start up Endeavorist! We’re going to set a target of $8,000 to fund necropsies of seabirds involved in mass mortality events. I think we can do it, but to catch the eyes (and the wallets) of potential donors, we need to produce a engaging and compelling 2 minute video. I want to put together a little montage of beach walking footage. Here’s what I need from you:

You can record your video on an iPhone or similar device, so no need for fancy equipment. You can choose to appear on camera talking about SEANET, or you can submit footage (with voiceover or not) from your first person perspective looking out at the world. I would especially like to get footage of your feet as they walk along the beach (so you would literally point the camera at your feet as you walk. About 10 seconds of that is sufficient). Then I can string together a bunch of different people’s feet walking on different kinds of beaches.

If you find a dead bird, I would LOVE some footage of how you process it–tagging it, measuring, any of that stuff. Again, you can have someone else film you, or you can film from your own perspective. Shaky video is ok–I can work with it, and some of that ambiance is desirable.

Anything else you want to film is most welcome–the feel of your beach, why you SEANET, live birds hanging out, anything and everything, Seanetters!

Help a girl out here, and let’s see if we can’t raise 8K!






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