Coming up on real time data verification!

19 04 2013

Thanks to a dedicated effort by Christine Hubbard, our SEANET work-study student, we are closing in on finally verifying the last 20 outstanding beach walk reports. Due to staff (my) time constraints, I had reluctantly been forced to let many records languish, unlooked at, for years. Now, the prospect of eliminating that backlog means that you Seanetters will hear from me with my pestering questions and requests for photos of dead birds right away instead of getting a break! The real boon is that the Wildlife Health Event Reporter will now contain all SEANET data since we first started in 2002, and you can view or map every report of any dead bird found in all that time. I have the reasonable expectation that I will now be able to keep up with all your reports as they come in and get them verified and up on that map right away.

All the Razorbills reported to WHER this winter. All the SEANET data is in there now too!

All the Razorbills reported to WHER this winter. All the SEANET data is in there now too!

Thank you Christine for all your work; I quite literally couldn’t have done it without you, as evidenced by the fact that I hadn’t.

I also want to thank everyone who sent emails, or posted comments, or offered other support to me, my family, and all of us here in Massachusetts this week. I joke that in dark times, I turn to dead birds for solace, but that solace really comes, of course, from all you people who love the oceans, the coast, and the seabirds. I’m glad to know you, and you’ve made this hard week a little easier.




2 responses

19 04 2013
Nancy Buckingham

Did you get my report last Sunday

Nancy Buckingh

24 04 2013

Did you submit it via the SEANET data portal?

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