SEANET presents to Master’s students

8 02 2013

OK, so I’m holding out for a few more responses on this week’s Dead Bird Quiz, though we did get one good response already. Come on people!

Master's students and instructor  (far right) bathed in the warm glow of laptops.

Master’s students and instructor (far right) bathed in the warm glow of laptops.

In the interim, I offer you a report on my Wednesday afternoon activities this week. I was invited by the gracious folks (Alison Robbins and Mike McGuill) of Tufts University’s Master of Science in Conservation Medicine program to speak to the Surveillence Methods and Techniques course about SEANET and our data collection methodologies, pitfalls, and hopes for the future. Despite the time (late afternoon) and the setting (a warm, dimly lit room) the students remained awake and asked a number of excellent questions about what we do.

One group of students will be working on SEANET for their required project, and I hope to be able to share their work with you at some point in the future.

I leap at any chance to talk about SEANET to any audience, and to share with them what a dedicated and committed group of volunteers you are.

Now, to my friends in the Northeast, stay warm, stay safe and if you’re looking for something to do during this epic blizzard, may I suggest a Dead Bird Quiz as a diversion?




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