A call to you, O Seanetters!

29 01 2013
Why do we walk? When it's -5 and blowing a gale?

Why do we walk? When it’s -5 and blowing a gale? (author’s self portrait on MA_23)

We’ve had a press inquiry, Seanetters! Teresa Carey, a freelancer for national sailing publications will be featuring our humble program in an article she’s working up. She’s got the basic facts about what we do, but she’d like to get a more personal dimension direct from you, my dear volunteers, if you would be willing. If you have time to offer responses to any (or all) of her listed questions below, I know she’d appreciate it. And you can tell the truth, even if it is to decry the despotic tendencies of your tyrannical captain. I admit, I too am curious to hear what you have to say via email or via public comment here. So please, comment early and comment often, my throngs of beachwalkers!

Teresa’s queries:

1) How can participating in data collection with SeaNet enrich the volunteer’s experience of the ocean?
2) Why is it important to you to study the coastal and seabirds? Why do you love it?
3) Has the data you’ve been collecting ever been surprising?
4) What has been a highlight of your experience with SeaNet?
5) Please tell me of a significant moment (either funny, surprising, or informative) that you experienced during data collection.
6) Please tell me your name and role in the organization.




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