Winter beach treats

24 01 2013

Though we never rejoice over death at SEANET, we do rejoice when interesting things that die happen to wash up where they may be found. This is the case with two classic New England creatures that turned up dead on Cape Cod this month.

The first, too gaudily obvious to serve as a good Dead Bird Quiz, was found by non-Seanetter but dedicated beach walker Nancy Braun. We hope to one day recruit her to our cause.

Atlantic Puffin! (photo by N. Braun)

Atlantic Puffin! (photo by N. Braun)

Our second featured creature was brought to my attention in an email from Seanetter Dennis Minsky under the subject line “Invertebrate.” Relieved to find that it was not a missive decrying my own spinelessness, I was further delighted to see this image of a lobster carrying a full freight of eggs.

Forgive me for the New England-centric nature of this post. It’s 2 degrees outside my house today, and I am trying to remember all the many reasons I really do love living here.

Lobster! (photo by D. Minsky)

Lobster! (photo by D. Minsky)



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