Thanks to retiring volunteers!

13 12 2012

The year is drawing to a close in more than one sense for many Seanetters. Quite a few of our volunteers are nearing the one year’s service mark, and not unexpectedly, some volunteers are finding it time to give up the SEANET regimen. Though volunteers often refer to it as “quitting SEANET” I want to assure them that we do not see it as quitting. A multi-year study like ours relies on a constant influx of new volunteers, and expects the regular departure of others. For anyone who has given us a full year’s data, we couldn’t ask you for more. So we see your departure as a retirement after good service. A few such volunteers have retired in the last month or so, and I want to formally recognize them here.

Philip and Rubie Nesbit walked Wadsworth Cove in Castine, Maine for SEANET for almost three years, and Philip tells us that at 80 years of age, it’s time to hang up the calipers.

Jan and Bob Filgate walking Goose Rocks Beach in Maine report that they “enjoyed our many trips up and down the beach in many different temperatures and winds,” but that the time has come to retire.

And Howard and Beth Fowler have completed a full year’s walks on Oak Island in North Carolina and will now turn their attention to other activities and demands on their time.

Whether it’s one year or three, we cannot thank our volunteers enough. I sometimes find that retiring volunteers are apologetic, as though we would be disappointed in them. While we are always sorry to lose a devoted walker, we ask only a full year’s commitment, and once that’s met, we fully expect many of our volunteers to move on. Many do not, and those “lifers” are an unlooked for gift. But everyone who volunteers at least a year has given a full seasonal cycle’s worth of data and we couldn’t ask for more than that.

So to our departing volunteers, thank you for the time and dedication you chose to give us despite the weather, the work and the occasional drudgery. Please keep in touch, keep up the good work we know you do for other groups and causes, and accept our gratitude for all you’ve done!




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