John Galluzzo Seanets, traverses state, does radio.

8 11 2012

John in his native habitat.



Back in August, I introduced you all to John Galluzzo. John is a totally cool guy who knows an immense amount about both the history of his native Massachusetts South Shore, as well as the native wildlife of New England. He’s an extremely prolific writer and walker, and he has recently been making the rounds talking about his new book, Half an Hour a Day Across Massachusetts. I just listened to an interview John did with radio host Mark Lynch at WICN in Worcester, MA. John and Mark have a rather wide ranging discussion that will appeal to all of you outdoorsy, bird loving readers of this blog.

John told me about a recent surprise encounter with a fellow Seanetter too. He was giving a talk in Onset, MA for the Appalachian Mountain Club about the 351 walks he took in each of the towns in Massachusetts:

“It was in the middle of my lecture – I was talking about SEANET as it fell into my 351 walks, and said, “Does anybody know about the SEANET program?” expecting blank stares and a guy in the front row raised his hand and said, “Yes, I’m a SEANETTER.” I was dumbfounded. I gave him a blank stare, then actually said, “Seriously?””

Who was that front row Seanetter? His identity is a mystery. So, if you are reading this, mystery Seanetter, let us know it was you! I find these serendipitous meetings delightful, though perhaps not surprising. Seanetters tend to be interested in the natural world, and are joiners and learners by nature. So we tend to show up at talks like John’s. Still, it’s nice to be reminded that you folks are out there; that, figuratively and literally,  Seanetters perpetually walk among us!




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