Checking in with the NY/NJ contingent

6 11 2012


In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, I tried to contact as many of our NJ/NYC Seanetters as possible, hoping they had fared ok. While I haven’t been able to reach everyone, almost all of our volunteers down there did surprisingly well! I lost power here in NH longer than our folks in the direct path! I was very relieved to hear that Jerry Golub, one of the closest to the worst of it, had been out of town visiting grandkids, and that his house fared just fine in their absence. Not so his SEANET beach:

The new face of Jerry’s beach in Spring Lake, NJ.

I also heard back from Frank Kenny down near Atlantic City, and Heidi Hanlon down in Cape May, as well as Ron and Jean Bourque in NYC, and all are safe and sound. I’m still hoping to hear back from a couple other people, especially as a Nor’Easter winds up out in the Atlantic and temperatures drop in the storm ravaged region. I encourage you all to donate to the recovery efforts, and keep both our Seanetters and the unconverted in your thoughts.




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