Superstar Seanetter publishes zillionth book.

14 08 2012

You Seanetters never fail to astound me. It’s humbling to find that many, if not most of you, have several other fascinating projects, passions and commitments outside of the time you devote to our little endeavor. Indeed, I often say I want to be like you guys when I grow up. Seanetter John Galluzzo, with whom I was lucky enough to walk down in Duxbury MA last week, is just such a guy. He has written over thirty books in his not very long life, and shows no sign of stopping or even slackening his pace.

He has a new one out now, called Half an Hour a Day Across Massachusetts, chronicling his 2009 quest to walk for 30 minutes each day in all the towns and cities of the Commonwealth. Of particular narcissistic interest, John tells me SEANET makes into this volume. I’ll be reading John’s book for sure, and I hope some of you will join me so that we can hold some sort of virtual book club here in our virtual SEANET living room.

Congrats on your latest tome, John! You Seanetters make me so proud!




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8 11 2012
John Galluzzo Seanets, traverses state, does radio. « SEANET Blog

[…] in August, I introduced you all to John Galluzzo. John is a totally cool guy who knows an immense amount about both the history of […]

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