On the beach in Duxbury

7 08 2012

If I lived here, I’d SEANET here.

I’m just getting back from the beautiful beach in Duxbury, MA (known colloquially as Deluxebury). Indeed, the beach is top-notch, just like the local real estate. John Galluzzo of Mass Audubon fame (and I do mean fame; the man has written 36 books!) hosted me for a SEANET training and beach walk this morning. The group was small, but very engaged and interested (or very gifted flatterers) and after a little spiel, we walked down the sheltered cobble beach facing Duxbury Bay, and then around the broad, sandy, ocean facing beach. Piping Plovers breed here, and the bayside is, John tells me, a hotspot for Horseshoe Crabs. The evidence was all over, including several gigantic dead female crabs the size of dinner plates.

Most days, I like my job. But days like this, I love it. Walking a stunning beach with interesting people, having my lunch at the edge of a salt marsh–when one’s work looks to the outside exactly like one’s vacation, there’s no space left for complaint. Hopefully we’ll get a new Seanetter or two out of today’s gig, but even if not, I’m certainly open to another trip down to Massachusetts’ South Shore anytime.




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