Breakneck tour of Cape Cod ends with exhaustion for Courchesnes.

29 07 2012

I’m sure all of you have been wringing your hands and rocking back and forth wondering where the SEANET blog went last week. It was inconsiderate of me to take off and leave not a note, not a word of explanation, but we had places to go and beaches to see.

My kids seeking calico crabs on the tide flats.

My family and I blissfully joined the hordes of dopey tourists aggravating those of you who actually live on the Cape. We made a very fine investment in a Cape Cod National Seashore season pass, and then embarked on a berserk, headlong expedition exploring as much of the Seashore as we possibly could in a week. Based at our beloved Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and our tent at their utterly perfect campground, we hiked, ran, swam and got dumped off the back of waves at a total of eight beaches. Six of these were SEANET beaches, including First Encounter (WB_04), Coast Guard (WB_07), Coast Guard/Nauset Spit (WB_10), Herring Cove (WB_39), Great Island (MA_21), and Duck Harbor (WB_13). Plus Race Point in Provincetown, and Marconi Beach in Wellfleet. Holy guacamole.

The Wellfleet mascot: a mummified eider.

I could not help but feel fortunate to head a program studying the goings-on at such places as these. I wore my SEANET t-shirt to go people-watching in Provincetown, and I even found a dead eider (surprise, surprise) up in The Gut at Wellfleet Bay. Seems my work follows me wherever I go. Or maybe I follow it. But when a job involves some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and a volunteer force of some of the coolest people I know, it’s hard not to mix business and pleasure. Sometimes, it’s even hard for me to tell the difference.



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