SEANET Blog hits the 400 mark!

7 06 2012

Where the magic happens: coffee, NPR, Sibley and the Beached Bird Guide are all I really need.

I know this is shameless self promotion, but I’ve watched so many blogs start up, go strong for a couple weeks or months, and then fade away into oblivion. Not so, the SEANET blog! Today’s post is my 400th since I started this project in 2008. I mainly credit you, our active and engaged readership, for pushing me to post every couple days.

And now, to your thunderous applause, I will go get another cup of coffee.




2 responses

7 06 2012
John Stanton

Cheers to you Sarah and your 400th Blog! I for one can say, I look forward to each new post! The SEANET Blog is the “glue” that connects us all associated with SEANET.


7 06 2012
Jenette Kerr

Congratulations, Sarah, on a truly wonderful publication. I wish it could get more of the spotlight it deserves. As you point out, there is so much clutter in the so-called blogosphere. Your work is thoughtful, polished, engaging, informative and worthy of a larger stage. Great, great job!

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