Dead Bird Quiz: bits and pieces edition

23 03 2012

Here you go–the latest Dead Bird Quiz. Two of the specimens are from Becky Bartel’s beach in North Carolina, and I was fortunate to be along for the finds. All three specimens in this quiz have wing chords around 18cm. Post your answers as comments, and you’ll hear from me next week.

Bird A: Found in North Carolina on March 20 (photo Becky Bartel)

Bird B: Found in North Carolina on March 20. (Photo Becky Bartel)

Bird C: Found in Massachusetts on March 17. (Photo Ray Bosse)



2 responses

24 03 2012
Wouter van Gestel

It may sound a bit lame, but is t possible all three are common goldeneyes, A and C male and B female? Bird B has so little white on the wing it may be a barrow’s, but according to my bird guide that species doesn’t live in NC.

by the way, if you have to ID birds which are really long dead, you are welcome to have a look at my website: I don’t have all species you may find on American beaches yet, but the collection is still growing.


24 03 2012
Dennis Minsky

I would have guessed:
a) male bufflehead
b) female bufflehead
c) male common goldeneye

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