Join us at the Lloyd Center this Saturday!

16 02 2012

The view from the Lloyd Center's observation deck.

Just a reminder: your SEANET blogger, yours truly, Sarah Courchesne, will venture down to the Lloyd Center in South Dartmouth, MA this Saturday for a meet and greet/training/reconnect. All current and aspiring Seanetters are welcome, as is anyone with any interest in seabirds. So come one, come all! We will begin at 10am with a presentation on SEANET in Buzzard’s Bay–what do our volunteers find? What challenges do they face? What does the data show?  After that, weather permitting, Jamie Bogart will take us all on a beach walk! Last time I visited, the weather was atrocious and I never got a tour of the beautiful local coastline, so I’m looking forward to clear skies this time around!
I hope to see some of you there, though I issue a warning–I’m bringing my family along, and my two boys are avid beach walkers/dead bird finders themselves!




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