Hugh Markey: Seanetter, teacher, writer

14 02 2012

Aerial view of Napatree Point in RI, where Hugh Markey now Seanets.

After the retirement of legendary Seanetter Rey Larsen from his beat in Rhode Island, we were most fortunate to see his mantle taken up by Hugh Markey. Hugh is a teacher and a freelance writer, and shared a bit of writing he did late last year for the Southern Rhode Island Newspapers.

“Picture this: you are enjoying a leisurely stroll along one of our magnificent shorelines. Your gaze drifts unhurriedly from the water’s edge to the wrack line, the line of accumulated seaweed that the waves toss up as they roll against the beach. Suddenly, your eyes spot what seems to be a random pair of feathers tipped up from the seaweed. As your ramble brings you closer, you realize that the feathers are attached to a wing. And the wing is attached to a bird. And the bird is very, very dead. Do you (a) look away and pick up your pace, as if whistling past a graveyard?; (b) kick sand on it, to spare others from the macabre sight?; or (c) say something like “Ooh!”, and immediately move in for a closer look?”

The answer to the question in Hugh’s opening paragraph here should strike all you fellow Seanetters as obvious, and it’s clear we’ve found a kindred spirit. Do read Hugh’s article in its entirety, and we expect it won’t be the last you hear from him on this blog! Thanks Hugh!



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