A mystery fish

19 01 2012

Frozen fish in Maine. Photo by Kristin Cattrano.

Linda Woodard, our Local Coordinator in Maine, started up a Maine Seanet facebook page to offer another virtual conversation into the mix for our farflung volunteers. It’s been great to follow the finds and comments of our downeast Seanetters via this medium, and this week, Kristin Cattrano posted a very cool photo of a dead fish. The carcass was a foot to a foot and a half long, by Kristin’s estimation, and the photo has stirred up a debate as to the i.d. of this dead beast with the mouthful of ice.
I know extremely little about fish identification, and I would be delighted if any of you pisciphiles (which may not be an actual word) would weigh in on this. And I will take this opportunity to learn something about fish i.d. and share whatever rudimentary knowledge I gain next week.




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