Dead Bird Quiz for the New Year!

5 01 2012

Bird A: Found by Mary and Steve Gulrich on Cape Cod last month.

Bird B: Found by Becky Bartel in North Carolina last month.

Here it is: the first DBQ of 2012. Bird A turned up late last month on the Cape Cod beach of Mary and Steve Gulrich. Bird B is the inaugural find of Becky Bartel, walking a brand new SEANET beat in North Carolina. Wing chord on Becky’s bird is 26 cm.
Now, give me some guesses and we’ll see what we can do!




2 responses

7 01 2012
Wouter van Gestel

My guesses fro Europe:

photo 1: razorbill (Alca torda)
photo 2: American wigeon (Anas americana)

8 01 2012
Helen Rasmussen

A: razorbill
B: brown pelican

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