The festivities in Georgia

29 12 2011

The winsome Piping Plover of winter. Photo by G. Graves.

Georgia Graves, Seanetting down on St. Simons Island in Georgia, sent along a few pictures of the goings-on down there. Last week, she spotted a few Piping Plovers sporting on the sands, two of which wore orange flags above the ankle, and colored bands above the foot. Knowledgeable in the ways of plover banders, Georgia knew that the orange flag marks a bird from the breeding population on the Great Lakes. This is not the first time a marked Piping Plover has turned up on a southern beach in winter; back in 2008, a pair of siblings turned up in Florida, wintering on the same beach–a highly unusual thing for this species. Dr. Francesca Cuthbert at the University of Minnesota studies these birds, and I’ve dropped her line to try to get some specifics on Georgia’s sighting. While we wait for word, here’s a festive little Christmas scene schooling us in how that holiday gets done on the Georgia coast. What more could I ask?

An East Beach Christmas: how Georgia does it up!




One response

29 12 2011

I work in Rhode Island as a naturalist (hence the username), and I’m surprised to learn that the Great Lakes plovers migrate to the shore (and, presumably, back again!). Really interesting observation!

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