Belated fanfare for Rey Larsen, the Seanetter’s Seanetter

15 12 2011

RI_21, Rey Larsen's former beat on the Connecticut border.

I have been terribly remiss. Almost a year and a half have elapsed since Rey Larsen, Seanetter on Napatree Point in Rhode Island, posted his last walk. Rey just turned 76 this month, and had begun to find the walks a bit daunting a couple of years ago. Lest ye think Rey’s was just your average beach, let me set you straight. Rey was circumnavigating Napatree Point, a route totaling 3.5 miles and including some quite isolated and rugged terrain, not once a month, but often two or three times. He racked up 105 walks on the Point over his four year tenure with us, and was without question one of the most dedicated volunteers we have ever had.

RI_21, jutting out into Fisher’s Island Sound, just across the river from Connecticut, never turned up many dead birds, but Rey was the ideal volunteer–understanding the value of monitoring the beach frequently and regularly, knowing the purpose of generating baseline data.

I was prompted to think of Rey when a potential new volunteer emailed about walking Napatree. I hope it works out–someone has to try to fill Rey’s hiking boots!

Happy birthday to you Rey, and thank you (belatedly) for your uncomplaining service to SEANET!




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