Dead stuff Quiz

8 12 2011

Though nothing can ever supplant dead birds from their accustomed place in my heart, once in a while, a dead non-bird also captivates me. One of them is included in this quiz. The other two specimens, of course, remain avian. Guesses please, and my answers will be posted next week!


Specimen A: Found by Ray Bosse, Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts.

Specimen B: Found by Jack Renfrew in Wellfleet, MA.

Specimen C: Found by Dennis Minsky in Provincetown, MA.



4 responses

8 12 2011
John Stanton

A: Horned grebe
B: Female bufflehead
C: Mink

9 12 2011
R Joradn

My guess is Dennis’ animal is a Fisher (not ever to be confused with a “Fisher Cat” which is a hockey team, not a mammal.

10 12 2011
Wouter van Gestel

A: pied-billed grebe
B: dovekie/little auk
C: fisher

11 12 2011
Helen Rasmussen

A. horned grebe
B. dovekie
C. mink

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