Beach frolic and dead birds: the way life should be.

1 12 2011

Julie Ellis and Baby Iris daytripping on SEANET beach WB02!

Julie Ellis and family were visting friends on Cape Cod last weekend and they took their dear baby Iris on her first trip to the beach! (Recall that SEANET is located in the landlocked, central Massachusetts town of Grafton). Much to Julie’s shock and delight, she spied a carcass on the beach bristling with SEANET’s signature orange tags. Turns out, the Ellis-Hoffmans happened to have ventured to WB_02 in Brewster, the SEANET beach of Mary Myers and Diana Gaumond! All in all, Julie sighted three tagged carcasses, all Common Eiders left from this Fall’s die-off.
Fitting indeed that Iris’ first experience with a beach involved dead birds. Would all children could be so lucky.




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