SEANET and friends are so tech-savvy!

22 11 2011

Brown pelican after being disentangled from fishing line and freed. Photo by Stan Rule.

One of our new North Carolina volunteers, Stan Rule, has shared his own blog with us, and the latest post details his (very eventful) first SEANET walk in Bird Shoal beach. Stan and co. managed two seabird rescues on that walk! Stan also takes some beautiful photos, so keep an eye on his blogspot for continued reports from our more southern reaches.

Also, some of you may have missed the comment left on the blog by Megan Hines, database manager extraordinaire. Since her comments are worth everyone’s focused attention, I’m posting them again here. The data explorer mentioned in her comments can be accessed via the same SEANET database you use to enter your walk reports, or you can access it directly here.

“Hey all!

If you have comments or suggested changes to the data explorer, please feel free to share them with me and Sarah – I’m open to improving this to meet your needs and curiosities. One item I’m already working on is the ability to see the photos through the site also.

A few tips on the SEANET Beached Birds feed:

Feed URL –

The feed contains the last 25 beached bird reports only. It’s a moving window, meaning that each time you open it up, the last 25 birds are included.

The feed is also a GeoRSS feed, meaning that I’ve attached the coordinates for the start point of the beach to each of the beached birds reported. The feed can be mapped on something as simple as Google Maps like this:

To subscribe to the email subscription/email alerts (all new reports are delivered daily in a concise easy to read ‘digest’) – go here and input your email address:

Thanks for the kind words Sarah!





One response

2 02 2012
Megan Hines

The updated URL for the SEANET Data Explorer can be found in the sidebar link to the right on this blog (Explore SEANET data!) or else at the following


The RSS feed URL continues to be:

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