State of Wellfleet Harbor Conference, this Saturday!

3 11 2011

View of the marshes in Wellfleet, MA.

This Saturday, November 5th, the 9th annual State of Wellfleet Harbor Conference will be held at the Wellfleet Elementary School in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. The conference, which is free and open to the public, will feature presentations on topics from contaminants in private wells, to red tides, to a subject of particular interest to SEANET: common eider die-offs.

The conference begins at 8:30am with a continental breakfast, and the program itself opens at 9am. Randy Mickley, Wildlife Disease Biologist with the USDA, will speak at 12:50pm and give an update on the progress we’ve made on the annual eider die-offs on the Cape. Randy’s talk is particularly timely, as he is still recovering from an epic trip out to Great Island and Jeremy Point in Wellfleet to collect a slew of wings from eider carcasses. These wings will be used to try and determine where the eiders had been feeding prior to their arrival in Wellfleet.

I would be remiss in discussing the eider investigation without also mentioning Dick Jordan, our man in Wellfleet, who has been heading out to Great Island and the Point for epic, four hour surveys. He aided Randy and Monte Chandler in collecting a whopping 93 wings for the study, and has been truly invaluable as our eyes on the ground out there.

If any of you Seanetters or friends of SEANET can make it to the conference, I hope you can all meet up! Seanetting can often be a lonely pursuit, so you folks should have the opportunity to commiserate. So you should all wear your SEANET t-shirts, or, in lieu of that, a large flower in a big floppy hat by way of identifying one another.




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