SEANET is cool; SEANET is hip!

27 09 2011

A Luddite by nature, your SEANET blogger has had to adapt to this new-fangled “internet” and also to utilize “electronic mail” to coordinate our far-flung volunteer base. Now, I’m really pushing the envelope. Just today, I have instituted two new ways to keep track of SEANET and our goings-on.

For one thing, SEANET now has a facebook page! Blog posts will appear there, as will other news. So if you have a coastal conservation event you’re running, or want to get the word out about an ocean-related something or other, get the info to me and I will post it on our page. All the youngsters are doing it, as are many oldsters, so go ahead, like Seanet! (And I mean that in the facebook sense of clicking the “Like” button over there on the right hand side of your screen, not just sitting around contemplating how very much you enjoy Seanet generally. That is SO 20th century.)

Now you can check out all our active beaches in Google Earth! Click the image for up to date maps!

The second thing is very cool: you can now view all active and archived SEANET beaches in real time! Just click this link to see a Google Earth file of where SEANET has boots (or sandals) on the ground. See a beach you already like to visit that we don’t cover? Join up! We welcome volunteers of ALL backgrounds, ages, and educational attainments; no special knowledge needed, just an interest in doing science with us!

It’s non-stop excitement here at SEANET! Keep your eyes peeled for the latest and greatest things from your reluctant techie, me.




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