Maine Live Bird Quiz!

8 09 2011

Bird A) Anne Hess spotted this bird on Lamoine Beach in Maine earlier this summer..

As we verge into fall here in the northern reaches of New England, your blogger wishes to share a few pictures from the waning summer, and in a departure from the usual Dead Bird Quiz, I offer a Live Bird Quiz on one of the most dreaded bird groups: the shorebirds!

Kathleen Kelly is a professional photographer, so her pics are gloriously close up and clear. Anne Hess’ photo is more along the lines of what the rest of us mortals capture–a fast moving shorebird at some distance. This is why shorebirds are cursed by many a birder who just lumps all of them into the “peeps” category.

Give this quiz a try, Seanetters. I know they aren’t dead, but they’re still birds, right?

Bird B) Spotted by Kathleen Kelly on Old Orchard Beach in Maine in July.

Bird C) Also seen by Kathleen Kelly on Old Orchard Beach in July.




2 responses

8 09 2011
John Stanton

A. Wilson’s Plover
B. Imm. Piping Plover
C. Piping Plover

10 09 2011
Mary Wright

A. Killdeer
B. Hatch-year Piping Plover
C. Adult Piping Plover

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