Correction to the SEANET website link and a banded tern in Connecticut

6 09 2011

To our newest Seanetters down in North Carolina: the web link I gave you last week for accessing our volunteer protocol online was (mortifyingly to me) faulty! Here’s the corrected web address:

And now, to a great find by Connecticut Seanetter Joe Poland:

Banded common tern found by Joe Poland in CT on July 27th.

Joe found what he identified as a Common Tern on his beach on July 27th. It’s rare that we can get official confirmation of a beached bird i.d., but this bird was sporting a federal band, which Joe eagerly reported to the national bird banding lab. He received a report back that the bird was indeed a Common Tern, banded as an adult on June 22, 2006 on Great Gull Island in New York.

Presumably, the tern was banded while breeding back in 2006, and has likely returned to breed in the vicinity of Great Gull Island every year since. Joe’s beach, CT_09, is just across the water from Great Gull Island, and the bird was obviously not traveling far afield from its breeding grounds when it died of known causes.
We are doubly pleased when Seanetters are able to collect data both for our own program, and for the scientific endeavors of other investigators. Thanks to Joe for his perpetual dedication to SEANET, and we’re glad to know he has been rewarded this way–banded birds are a bonus find, and there’s no more deserving Seanetter!




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