Gleanings from our readership

7 07 2011

We are so very pleased, here at SEANET, when those not formally enrolled as Seanetters read our blog and offer their thoughts and compliments or critiques. This past week, we received two comments from readers, both of substantial enough substance to share with you here.

Debris from the beach detailed in the Flotsam Diaries blog.

The first comes to us from Harry, a blogger in Saco, Maine, who has undertaken quite a substantial monitoring endeavor on two sections of nearby beach. He records and collects all human-generated debris in those areas, and has been sharing his findings over the past year on his blog, The Flotsam Diaries. Harry wrote to note that the Hooksett sewage discs have made it to Saco, and he has been tracking and mapping the public reports of the discs’ travels. I know that our SEANET blog readers have many common affinities and interests as readers of The Flotsam Diaries, so check it out–I have been quite impressed with the thoroughness and extent of Harry’s project. More confirmation of the value of citizen science!

The second gleaning from our boards is a bit of publicity for a new book of interest to all lovers of the coastal environment, and most particularly our Massachusetts friends. Author/photographer Ethan Daniels, who spent boyhood summers swimming, snorkeling and sailing in both fresh and marine waters on the Cape, has a book out entitled Under Cape Cod Waters, full of striking and genuinely unique perspectives on the aquatic denizens of the Cape. You can see a slideshow of selected images at Daniels’ website, and for those of you in the neighborhood, Daniels will be speaking about his book at several Massachusetts venues in the upcoming weeks; Daniels’ publisher provided us with the schedule:

“On July 27 at 6PM, he will be speaking at the Boston Public Library’s Central Branch, in an event open to the public. We invite the public to join us in listening to Ethan’s talk and to be submerged in fascinating underwater photography from local waters at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History on July 28 at 7:30pm and at the Woods Hole Public Library on August 1 at 7:30pm, an event co-sponsored by Eight Cousins bookstore in Falmouth. These talks provide a great opportunity to interview Ethan Daniels, a trained marine biologist and a truly gifted photographer.”




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